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Analysis of HEVC, H.264, MPEG-2 over IP, ASI and RF streaming services - NOW with OTT and RF Spectrum Analysis


Hamlet Enterprise

  • Analysis of live service IP / ASI* / RF * / OTT transmission paths
  • High Resolution integrated video/audio decoder.
  • Dual IP interfaces.
  • ASI input and Output option*
  • DVB-S/S2 RF Input option*
  • Spectrum Analyser option*
  • OTT analysis option
  • Detailed statistics on all PIDS, services and table information.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) compliancy per TR 101290.
  • Bitrate view including trending and graphing.
  • Real time record & playback of captured streams.
  • HLS, Flash, Silverlight, RTSP and RTP.
  • Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) & Profile Interrogator.

* Factory fitted option

MicroFlex Mach2

MicroFlex Mach2

Double award winner of BEST OF SHOW 2014, the Hamlet MicroFlex Mach2 re-establishes the base line for portable T&M equipment with an unbeatable return on investment. Worlds smallest hand held HD SDI, SD SDI & composite capable measuring and monitoring and generation instrument

DigiTek DT900

DigiTek DT900

The new 1U rack DigiTek DT900 mixed format T&M instrument from Hamlet with modular option cards giving up to four input capability, multi-viewer outputs and built in high quality speaker set including base speaker completing the outstanding performance expected from Hamlet with a high R.O.I.

DigiScope DS9000G

DigiScope DS9000G

A 2013 best of show award winner, the convenience of the 1U rack with a 5.6 inch IPS display on a gooseneck facilitates a compact higly capable measurement platform wherever space is a premium.

DigiTek Junior DT900J

NEW 4 input capable, multi-format, 1/2 rack, 1U, measurement, monitoring multi-viewer. Includes 3G measurement, EYE and TSG. for 1/2 racks, 1U racks, ideal for OB, trucks uplinks and all front line maintenance locations.

Hamlet Enterprise receives Best of Show Award at NAB 2015. 

Now with RF spectrum analysis, IP, ASI, OTT stream analysis, Record & Playback capability, all from one enclosure. SDI inputs 3rd Qtr 2015!

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Download Brochure

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