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Hamlet launches low-cost approach to high precision signal monitoring at IBC2010

Hamlet launches low-cost approach to high precision signal monitoring at IBC2010

Hamlet launches low-cost approach to high precision signal monitoring at IBC2010

Hamlet, already recognised as the world leader in cost-effective test and measurement systems, is taking another major step forward at IBC2010 with the launch of the new DigiScope DS900, a powerful on-screen quality control instrument for production and master control environments. The new DS900 is compact and flexible, with low power consumption and an innovative control system, as well as bringing high precision digital video measurement to a new price point.

The DS900 is supplied in a half rack width, 1U, shallow cabinet. Inside it is based on the Hamlet bespoke digital modular test and measurement platform, with space for four internal input modules and a generator module. It is designed for 3Gb/s processing and measurement from the ground up, and modules are available for all common analogue and digital standards. Measurements available include the eye pattern for an at-a-glance check on the security of a digital circuit.

Test traces are displayed on any suitable monitor, and the DS900 has DVI and XVGA outputs as standard. On the front of the unit are three touchscreen displays which provide all control functions. The left display allows the user to select one or all of the four available inputs, and the right the tests to be performed. The centre acts as a confidence monitor, allowing the operator to check that the correct signals and tests have been set. The unit can also be controlled remotely over ethernet or USB.

The unit can support four simultaneous tests on each input and display all four inputs at the same
time. If required, therefore, the DS900 can show a total of 16 panes on a single screen. Alternatively, when not required for detailed tests it can provide a quad split display of four signals with audio level overlays.

“Our customers have made it very clear to us that they need good quality control tools to be available in the signal path in production and transmission,” explained Steve Nunney, director of Hamlet. “The new DS900 meets those very real requirements, it does it with Hamlet’s excellent precision and stability, and at a very attractive price in a practical form factor.”

As well as launching the DigiScope DS900, Hamlet will be showing the complete range of its products at IBC2010. These include ReelCheck Solo and ReelCheck Enterprise for automated quality control in a file-based environment, and the VidScope family of software-based tools, including VidScope-3D for stereographic production. Hamlet can be found at IBC2010 on stand 10.A24.

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