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Hamlet wins Star Award for DigiScope DS900 at NAB 2011, Las Vegas

Hamlet wins Star Award for DigiScope DS900 at NAB 2011, Las Vegas

Recognising its innovative new approach to quality control, Hamlet was honoured with a Star (superior technology award recipient) Award at NAB2011 for its DS900. The Star awards are presented by the editorial staff of TV Technology magazine.

The DS900 allows the engineer to monitor multiple simultaneous tests on up to four signals on the same display, a winning combination of enhanced capabilities and highly cost effective price point. It uses a new version of Hamlet’s bespoke digital modular test and measurement platform, designed to deliver more processing power while at the same time reducing the cost of the individual input modules. It can include a built-in test signal generator and space for up to four input modules which can be of mixed formats: analogue and digital, composite and component, standard definition and HD, mono, stereo and surround sound. For each input the user can select up to four test set displays, and the built-in multi-viewer presents for instance all four 3G inputs simultaneously with up to 16 windows on a suitable monitor (DVI or XVGA).

The award-winning unit is housed in a compact, lightweight, half width 1U cabinet with three touch-sensitive displays on the front. The left panel chooses from the four inputs, the right panel the tests to be performed, the centre display acts as a control interface where the trace displays can be moved into the required position much like an iPhone with the flick of a finger, this area also acts as a confidence thumb-nail monitor,  so the operator can confirm that the right selections have been made for each of its inputs. Set-ups can also be managed remotely over an IP connection. The processor and individual modules can be updated when required.

“The NAB show serves as the launching pad for thousands of new products and services for audio and video professionals,” explained Tom Butts, editor of TV Technology. “Our panel of judges walk the show floor in search of the most innovative technologies. The products and

services that we select for the Star Award demonstrate their ability to help advance the acquisition and distribution of entertainment and information across the media spectrum.”

“Our main aim is to meet the real needs of our customers, unlike some of our competitors who are obsessed with with the numbers without even providing basic trace quality,” said Steve Nunney, director of Hamlet. “At NAB this year it was clear the DS900 really chimed with users who recognised that it offered the tests they need in practical, day to day production. Winning the Star Award reinforces that message: that the DS900 delivers what customers really want in quality control, simply, intuitive ease of operation, accurately and cost-effective pricing.”

Hamlet is celebrating its 25th anniversary year of providing excellent, practical and affordable test and measurement solutions in 2011.

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