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3D, 4K, 8K And Ad Infinitum

3D, 4K, 8K And Ad Infinitum

In any event it's the infrastructure and in particular the delivery mechanism known as OTT that has stolen the limelight, and become the substantial leader in the field of communications, IP, ASI and RF streaming sources covering other domains.
With the help of television fashionistas, manufacturers will always drive the direction of the consumer end of the industry, but currently without IP, and in particular OTT, the higher levels of quality may not be attainable by end users. So hang onto your old kit but make sure your in tune with IP and OTT.
To this end, Hamlet is the obvious contender for the supply of portable OTT and IP quality assessment solutions.
Currently Hamlet has the Hamlet Enterprise, the world's first combined IP, ASI, RF and OTT analyser of streaming services with RF spectrum analysis.

The latest iteration due for IBC 2015 will see the capability of assessing a serial digital input as well, thus extending further still the level of value for money of this double award-winning best of show platform.
The SDI analysis capability will enhance an already capable solution with its RF coverage of both terrestrial and satellite, ATSC and DBVS/ S2 signals making it a must for all those in the field getting the story back to base via RF links. It is ideal for mobile OB, cable, satellite and terrestrial operations. Enterprise is unique as it offers coverage and analysis of HEVC, H.264, MPEG-2 over IP, ASI, OTT streaming services.

Enclosed in a newlydesigned unique light alloy crafted from billets, it houses a hi-res display with an exquisite GUI, enabling the operational features to be selected with clarity and ease.
The analysis is to IT 101.290 specifications, specifically priority levels 1 and 2, plus transport stream data. It benefits from user definable minimum and maximum tolerance levels.
One useful feature is the record and playback facility ideal for those in the field, OB, Van and truck engineers, but the latest winner is the new SDI analysis option.
A selection of mode displays offer packet inspection, Hex analysis, full PID tree, bit rate graphs, integrated spectrum analyser, OTT criteria, services and tables, audio decoding, 16 channel audio displays of HEVC, H.264 and MPEG-2 over IP, ASI, OTT, RF DVB-S/S2, including RTP and RTSP streaming services.
Users can choose from IP-only operation or include OTT, ASI and/or RF input operation, with playback – all in one compact, convenient enclosure.

Ideal for installation, studio equipment rooms, OB, mobile, cable, Multi Service Operators, broadcasters, satellite and terrestrial play out service and operations.
Hamlet is well known for offering the very best value for money, support, service and advice. We ensure the end user has the best solution for the job and with new instruments to see during IBC, Hamlet continues to do so.

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Hamlet Enterprise VX3, New dual stream transport stream analyser of IP, ASI, OTT streams with record, playack, RF and HDSDI input options NOW with SFP inputs - delivering NOW!  


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