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Hamlet Switched On With MSC

Hamlet  Switched On With MSC

Internationally renowned and makers of the finest, highest quality HDSDI video, analogue composite video, VGA video, analogue audio and AES digital audio routers, as well as a range of HDSDI video and audio distribution amplifiers, MSC are second to none and the first choice for many internationally known corporations.
There are over 100 routing switcher configurations to choose from. The smallest router is a 2 x 2 "Mini" digital video router. With 1, 2 and 4U units and I/O increments of 8 up to the 64 x 64 in the 4U high, less than 15cm deep enclosure. An audio option provides audio routing capabilities in addition to embedded audio, this option ordered as a separate device, either AES digital or analogue stereo audio. MSC routing switchers come with a built in Javascript based interactive web-page interface, addressed over Ethernet with a web browser, including smart phones and tablets.

Hamlet represents MSC in the UK and Europe and is the sales channel for all its stock and custom-made products. Switch over to MSC solutions with Hamlet!
Not withstanding the above, we see another successful year with the launch of the NEW Hamlet Enterprise VX2 for your IP, ASI, OTT and RF analysis requirements. The new Enterprise has second generation firmware, is faster, smaller and lighter, but has the same extensive feature set of its elder brother, now discontinued. For all those current Hamlet Enterprise VX1 users, it’s easy to upgrade to next generation of firmware if required.
The Enterprise, now well established at broadcasters in the USA and Europe, the Enterprise VX2 is now delivering. The twice awardwinning Enterprise is now the premier solution for those requiring a portable real-time analyser covering analysis of HEVC, H.264, MPEG-2 over IP, ASI, OTT and RF streamed services – with the RF spectrum analyser HDSDI due in the first quarter of 2016.
The Enterprise is enclosed in a rugged, crafted solid alloy case that houses the hi-res display with an exquisite GUI, enabling the operational features to be selected with clarity and ease. A selection of mode displays offer, packet inspection, Hex analysis, full PID tree, bit rate graphs, integrated spectrum analyser, multi-stream OTT/ABR analysis, services and tables, audio decoding, 16 channel audio displays of HEVC, H.264 and MPEG-2 over IP, ASI, OTT, RF DVB-S/S2, including RTP and RTSP streaming services.
The analysis is to IT 101.290 specifications, specifically priority levels 1 and 2, plus transport stream data, it benefits from user definable minimum and maximum tolerance levels.
See Hamlet test, measurement, monitoring, stream analysis instruments, MSC routers and DA's at BVE, NAB and IBC over 2016, with many other exhibitions in-between. We'll be seeing you! If you just can't wait for an exhibition call or ping an email enquiry over to us, we would love to

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Hamlet Enterprise VX3, New dual stream transport stream analyser of IP, ASI, OTT streams with record, playack, RF and HDSDI input options NOW with SFP inputs - delivering NOW!  


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Download Brochure

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