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Hamlet 30th Anniversary At BVE

Hamlet 30th Anniversary At BVE

We are pleased to report our 30th anniversary in February was spent at BVE with partners Argosy, our middle east distributor.

The occasion, the first outing of the Hamlet Enterprise VX2 in public.
Over the decades Hamlet has invented, innovated and brought accessible test and measurement solutions to all parts of the television broadcast production and transmission chains.
Now the Hamlet Enterprise VX2 reaches other parts previous solutions could not reach... The double award-winning Hamlet Enterprise VX1 saw its second generation replacement launched at BVE. The VX2 series portable stream analyzer is smaller, lighter and is fitted with two expansion slots. VX2 like the VX1 has been engineered to provide real time analysis of streaming IP and ASI based services encoded as HEVC, H.264 (MPEG-4 part 10), MPEG-2 and other compression formats, now with OTT, HDSDI, SFP plus RF input and analysis options. The platform’s hi-res intuitive graphical user touch interface allows for dynamic configuration with user definable presets.
Industry trends predict a quadrupling of internet streaming traffic in the next two years. So as broadcasters and service operators broaden the reach of their digital service to multiple mobile platforms over multiple streaming standards, the Hamlet Enterprise VX2 provides a single compliance surface that ensures these services can be successfully analysed.
This “one-box” approach integrates the essential interfaces to analyze and troubleshoot the end to end service without the needs of clunky dongles and cables.
VX2 supports a wide range of streaming protocols, such as HLS, HDS, LSS, MPEG-DASH, in addition to the adaptive bitrate monitoring tools necessary to ensure service compliance.
This compact solution is truly an innovative spectrum analyzer covering world standards both satellite and terrestrial, receiving and monitoring both ATSC & DVB-5/S2 signals.
The RF interface can be added as an expansion interface to the Enterprise and is ideal for mobile/OB van, cable, satellite and terrestrial applications.
Conveniently users can choose IP and/or ASI only operation or include OTT, HDSDI and/or RF input operation including playback – all in one compact, convenient enclosure.
Ideal for installation, studio equipment rooms, OB, mobile, cable, Multi Service Operators, broadcasters, satellite and terrestrial play out service and operations.
Hamlet is well known for offering the very best value for money, support, service and advice and we continue to do so.

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Hamlet Enterprise VX3, New dual stream transport stream analyser of IP, ASI, OTT streams with record, playack, RF and HDSDI input options NOW with SFP inputs - delivering NOW!  


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