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Today's multi-media television broadcast and Telecoms market is fast changing worldwide. Hamlet have developed many advances and changes to instrument concepts over the years copied by many followed by most. We are always happy to see that the process of ensuring that quality comes first is echoed by other manufacturers. 

Hamlet is currently please to showcase new and enhanced, file, baseband, "Software & Hardware", Test, Measurement, Monitoring and QC instruments, for: 3D, 3G, HD, SD, embedded, surround sound & analogue audio.The new DigiScope DS900, the 9K series  ....with price, functionality & versatility, exceeding expectation, setting them apart from and reducing cost of your technology spend. Most important is the high R.O.I. Hamlet offers. 

See our latest press releases below for more information on where our instruments are used in real world environments. Where they can provide you with the solution you seek with an on-going R.O.I. which is difficult to match.

View all our press releases in our archive.

  • Hamlet 30th Anniversary At BVEHamlet 30th Anniversary At BVE


    It doesn’t seem like it but Hamlet has reached the grand age of 30 years.

  • Hamlet Renting At This Year's BVEHamlet Renting At This Year's BVE


    Hamlet is very aware of the burden of owning equipment and over the years have successfully reduced the cost of test, measurement and monitoring broadcast instrumentation.

  • Hamlet  Switched On With MSCHamlet Switched On With MSC


    Happy New Year to all our readers! Hamlet is very pleased to look forward to another year of successful association with the Matrix Switch Corporation (MSC) out of Grass Valley USA.

  • Hamlet Supporter At IBC 2015Hamlet Supporter At IBC 2015


    Being an IBC Supporter for many years has given Hamlet an insight into the work involved in setting up the behind the scenes operation that goes on without most visitors even thinking about it.

  • Hamlet Launches Enterprise VX2 During IBC 2015Hamlet Launches Enterprise VX2 During IBC 2015


    It is clear that the emergence and success of OTT delivery indicates a palpable shift awayfrom the traditional mainstay of TV broadcasting. The new age of broadcasting is here.

  • 3D, 4K, 8K And Ad Infinitum3D, 4K, 8K And Ad Infinitum


    The more you get, the more you want. Or is it the manufacturers of gaming stations and televisions that are really driving our insatiable need for better viewing quality?

  • Hamlet Nearly Blown Away At A Rewarding NABHamlet Nearly Blown Away At A Rewarding NAB


    After the major sand storm during NAB, the dust settled and there was a clear portent that OTT and IP were here to stay. Indeed there is now a complete IP infrastructure, studios, contribution, playout, and distribution ready to usurp SDI.

  • Double Award-Winning Instruments Lead The WayDouble Award-Winning Instruments Lead The Way


    Double award-winning instruments from Hamlet lead the way for those in the IP and production world of 3G, HD and SD to ensure channel compliance.

  • Hamlet Support RF Spectrum And IP Analysis In One-Does-It All EnclosureHamlet Support RF Spectrum And IP Analysis In One-Does-It All Enclosure


    Very satisfied with the launch of the world's first combined IP, ASI and OTT analyser of streaming services, Hamlet now launch at NAB 2015 the addition of RF spectrum analysis.
    This latest capability extends the level of value for money to unprecedented levels.

  • The Jaws that bite, the claws that catch!


    "Beware the Cliff Effect, my son!

    The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
    Beware the loss of signal, and shun
    The engineers rath!"


View all our press releases in our archive.

Hamlet Enterprise VX3, New dual stream transport stream analyser of IP, ASI, OTT streams with record, playack, RF and HDSDI input options NOW with SFP inputs - delivering NOW!  


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