DigiGen Index


DigiGen Index


  • SD SDI, and Composite 625/525, PAL/NTSC
  •  Embedded, AES/EBU and single channel analog audio.
  •  1U high full width rack case.
  •  Includes full filed CRC, pathological digital test signals.
  •  Y, C, both, text, circle, moving pattern signal continuity test.
  •  16 test patterns
  • Audio ident
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General Information

The Digi Gen Index - R is a simple to use multiformat video generator for use in control rooms and facilities where racking is available. The unit includes SD SDI and composite video generation with embedded audio and either

AES/EBU or analog audio outputs. 16 video test signals are available for each of the outputs in digital this can be 525 or 625 and in analog either NTSC or PAL, including pathological, overlayed circles, moving pattern path activity signal, CRC codes, audio group selection audio line up tones, with or without an ident and a 16 character set alpha/numeric ident which is scrollable.

This product contains proprietary designs

Features and functions

  • Multi Standard SD SDI, and Composite video generation.
  • Embedded Audio.
  • AES/EBU or Single channel Analog Audio.
  • 1U high full width rack case.
  • FF CRC, pathological digital test signals.
  • Y, C, both, text, circle, moving pattern signal continuity test.
  • 16 test patterns: 100% Bars, 75% Bars, Split Bars, Bowtie, Sweep, Pluge, Multi, Pulse & Bar, Modulated Steps, White Screen, Red Screen, Convergence, Split equaliser/pll test pattern, Ramp, Limit Ramp, Optional pattern*.
  • User program 16 alphanumeric ident scrollable.
  • Audio selectable on all groups 1 thru 4.
  • 110 –240V mains powered IEC connector.


Serial digital BNC connector. Output impedance 75 ohms. SMPTE. 259M, ITU-R BT.601/656 serial component.800mV pp.
Full 10 bit pattern generation.

SD SDI Standards covered:
625 lines 50Hz Interlace
525 lines 60HZ

Addition of CRC checksum word.
Addition of embedded tone at -18db.
Composite BNC connectors. Output impedance 75 ohms. 1 volt p/p +/- 1% PAL, NTSC or PALM from 9 bit dac.
Differential gain and phase +/- 1% and +/- 1 deg.
Sch phase 0 +/- 5 deg.
Audio 3 pin xlr plug.
Analog: 1KHz tone 0db to +8db balanced to 600 ohms Thd <0.5%.
Digital: AES/EBU encoded 1KHz tone, balanced output to 110 ohms.
Frequency The crystal master oscillator is accurate to better than +/- 15ppm.

Current draw is 600mA.
Mains supply 240-110VAC +/-20% 50/60Hz 10VA max.

Indoor use, 5 to 45 deg.C. Ambient to 2,000m.
Max humidity 80% to 31 deg.C decreasing to 50% at 40 deg.C.
Overvoltage category 2. Pollution degree 1.

DIMENSIONS: - 49 x 25 x 4.5cm.
WEIGHT: - 3Kg.

WARRANTY: - 1 Year.
Extendable free on registration: - To 2 Years
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  • Index-R


Q. Is there an HD version?

A. Yes the Axiom-R.

Q. Is there a combined HD, SD and Composite version?

A. Yes, the MultiGen.


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Datasheet - (PDF 0.2MB)

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Connection Diagram - (PDF 0.1MB)

Front Panel Diagram - (PDF 0.1MB)

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