Vidscope HD444
Vidscope HD444


  • Sophisticated Video and Audio monitoring in Windows™
  • Multi-window Split tile display
  • Waveform monitor and Vectorscope, all modes
  • Zoom feature allows close up views of the picture area of you choice
  • Gamut, RGB, YPrPb, Histogram
  • New intuitive surround sound 3D polar display of amplitude, phase and frequency
  • Audio levels, phase, waveform, monitor
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General Information

VidScope-HD444 is a software  Windows™ PC based real-time television program monitoring, measurement, display and capture tool intended for professional program production users.

With automatic and objective analysis of HD Dual Link, 3G HD, SD, HDV, DV or off line AVI’s, VOB’s, MPEG or Windows Media files, this version extends VidScope's input capabilities to accepting live sources in RGB 4:4:4 formats. 

These being delivered from a Dual Link or HDMI capture card in either HD or SD formats or alternatively from files containing RGB in various formats.

There are settings for either studio or computer RGB levels and either 8 bit or 10 bit signals are accepted.

All the usual waveform and vector displays are provided for -444 users plus additional gamut error flagging modes. Gamut errors in R, G or B can be shown collectively or individually with fixed or variable gamut % limits set.

VidScope-HD444 also allows and accepts all other video and audio formats of the other VidScope versions including component formats in SD and HD as well as HDV and DV.

Features and functions


  • Multi-window Split tile display
  • Real-time waveform, vectorscope, all modes.
  • Line select, line, field, frame, progressive
  • Gamut, RGB, YPrPb, Histogram.
  • Field frame and format selection as well as variable intensity.
  • Persistence and graticule brightness.
  • Video preview monitor, safe areas, monitor R, G, B, Pr, Pb Mono or Chroma only
  • Accurate gamut checking ensures that the source is broadcast legal. 
  • Sellect a specific area for investigation and see related traces specified.
  • Standard and custom safe-area are provided with overlay capabilities. 
  • Diagnostic monitor, RGB, component displays.
  • Sources can be video or file based.
  • Accepts SDI, HDV, DV, HDMI and analogue sources depending on capture card installed and Off-line operation with AV files.
  • Text based logging of source compliance and both waveform and picture snap-shot to jpeg, png, bmp. 
  • File and machine transport controls.
  • Audio monitoring including surround sound and bar-graphs with all standard broadcast scales with stereo or  multi-channel de-embedding.
  • Captures to many different file formats as well as uncompressed. Multi-screen capability.
  • Audio levels, phase, waveform,
  • GMO surround sound monitor, a new intuitive surround sound 3D polar display of amplitude, phase and frequency
  • Select the audio graticules and de-emphasis of your choice
  • VTR control, time code, capture
  • Time code logging of errors
  • SnapShot™ modes enabling comparison of traces or picture content
  • 10 User set layouts
  • Displayed on you PC screen, or transmit or email to any location via IP


Host PC Requirements

The performance of software is directly related to the PC, CPU, GPU memeory and inputs and outputs used. VidScope is no different. Depending on the signal types you wish to investigate and the displays selected, the higher the processing and the better the graphics card will result in the very best preformance with the highest signal standards.

Windows XP, Vista or 7
Intel or AMD Processor 4 cores or more needed for realtime 444, 3G and HD operation
Graphics Card: graphics cards that may be used from the NVidia range include.. GTX260, GTX275, GTX470, GTX480, GTX560, GTX570, GTX580. ATI cards do not support for all product functions.
System memory 2 to 3 Gb
Live Capture device(s) must have DirectShow drivers such as Black Magic, AJA, Bluefish, Imprex, Black Magic, even composite or componnt to USB video grabbers work like Black Magics Video Recorder.
Laptop operation is possible subject to the above and can use of a suitbale input device, firewire and USB inputs.t device, firewire and USB inputs.

File types supported are subject to Codecs on the PC



VS-444 software

Supplied boxed, on a 4GB USB data stick and manual



Please find our links to futher information below :-

Data sheet - (PDF 0.3MB)

Operation Manual - (PDF 2MB)

Connection Diagram - (PDF 0.1MB)

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